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Sales Assistant

1350 - 1700
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Job description

Whom we are looking for?

We are looking for a talented, passionate about their job and self-development person who is ready to perform and improve from day to day in order to achieve the company and personal goals.

Job Duties

Sales Assistant Responsibilities Include

• High level of professionalism and personal characteristic to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction through excellent sales service and needs recognition; 

• Awareness of stocks and products; 

• Recommend and display items that fully match the customer's needs and wants according to the client's taste and style, upselling; 

• Friendly attitude, welcome and greet the customer, do not let the customer walk in and out of the shop without a smile; 

• Manage point of the sale process; 

• Creating accounts for new customers; 

• Control the perfect store condition (Cleanliness, Stock condition, Temperature in the facility, Aromas, Cashiering, Personal appearance); 

• Ensure good relations with all the team members to maintain and develop a positive and progressive atmosphere in the team; 

• Contact customer regarding the new shipments to keep the client updated; 

• Ensure constant increment of customer loyalty and build warm personal relations with the client; 

• Be actively involved in the orders and receives of new products; 

• Keep up to date with product information and any type of updates; 

• Awareness of the product in order to describe product benefits, story, and competitive advantage; 

• Follow all companies’ rules, requirements, and procedures. 

Job Requirements

Requirements & skills

• Previous working experience in style-related outlets in retail sales for at least 3 years;

• Understanding of sales principles and customer service practices; 

• High level of empathy and ability to “read” the customer; 

• Solid level of Russian/English/Greek; English/Greek; Russian/English; Russian/Greek; 

• Any records of achieving or over-achieving sales plan would be beneficial; 

• Solid communication skills; 

• High level of flexibility and quick adaptation skills; 

• Low level of conflict and high level of emotional control and stability; 

• Customer-oriented service and focus; 

• Passion to work; 

• Friendliness, confidence, and involvement in work processes; 

• Administration skills; 

• Cashiering skills. 

Job Benefits

Salary And Compensation :

• Salary range: 1300 euro – 2000 euro; 

• Bonuses & Incentives: 0.3% of the total monthly sales; 

• Social Insurance; 

• Social Cohesion Fund; 

• NHS; 

• Annual Leave (20-24 days, according to the law); 

• Training and Masterclasses; 

• Awards for achieving a sales plan; 

• Sponsored business trips to Italy.