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Electrical engineer project manager


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Job description

The electrical engineer project manager will be the center of competence for the company’s projects in solar power and energy efficiency.

Job Duties

Key tasks

  • Manage company’s projects in electrical energy business segment;
  • Consult the team and company’s clients on the electrical energy;
  • Build the knowledge base for company’s the electrical energy business;
  • Perform inspections, surveys for company’s clients. Propose solutions for optimization;
  • Execute the contracting, payment and invoicing procedures (liaise between the customer and contractor, involve legal, collect contract requirements and make sure they are incorporated);
  • Research regulations related to the business;
  • Prepare budgets for projects;
  • Find new contractors, negotiate terms and compare them;
  • Electrical engineer project manager may also be involved in other company’s projects if required.

Job Requirements

The criteria of success for this position will be:

  • Good theoretical knowledge of electrical engineering;
  • Proficiency with CAD software;
  • Hands-on experience with electrical installations, troubleshooting and maintenance;
  • Project management experience;

  • Well-organized approach;- Education and permits in the field of electrical engineering and installations;
  • Hands-on experience with electrical equipment installations, maintenance, and monitoring;
  • Hands-on experience with measurement tools;
  • Have a bunch of basic skills ready at a good level (Word, Excel, mind mapping, Gant charts etc.);
  • Be a confident PC user;
  • Project management experience;
  • Structured thinking;
  • Driving license and experience.