10 Salaries That Will Grow in 2010

Accounting and Finance Sector

1. Tax accountant: Companies look for tax accountants who can manage their organizations achieve bottom-line savings through effective tax management strategies. Businesses also require their support to comply with tax regulations.

2. Compliance director: Companies require professionals who can help them comply with Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission mandates and arrange for the potential transition to international financial reporting standards. New regulations that are issued as a result of the financial crisis may generate further request for professionals with the obligatory compliance expertise.

3. Credit manager or supervisor: Companies require professionals who can reduce inefficiency and increase productivity. As a result, credit and collections specialists who can estimate credit risk, deal with delinquent payments and help improve cash flow are in demand.

4. Senior financial analyst: Businesses require professionals who can evaluate financial plans, forecasts and budgets, and detect ways to increase productivity.

Information Technology Sector

5. Network administrator: Cloud computing, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Software as a Service (SaaS) have considerably enhanced the complexity of and obligations placed on networks. Furthermore, network administration continues to be an in-demand skill.

6. Information systems security manager: Protecting the privacy, integrity and availability of information from internal and external breaches is essential for companies of all sizes, making security professionals important to the IT department.

7. Systems engineer: As companies apply new technologies, technical services roles continue to be critical to the organization. Systems engineers are in request to help companies expand and sustain technical infrastructure, hardware and system software components.

Administrative Sector and Office Support

8. Medical records clerk: As more hospitals and health care organizations shift from paper to electronic medical records, facilities will look for medical records clerks who will manage the scanning and processing of patient data.

9. Customer service representative: In the current economy it is very important to hire customer service managers for further organizations’ success.

10. Executive assistant: Companies with leaner teams are looking for employees to take on a wider range of obligations. Executive assistants sustain multiple managers and adapt easily to changes are in particular demand.