Advice on Choosing the Career

In today’s society every major decision that we need to take involves hours of research some times days; one of these vital decisions is choosing our career. Now in days, we are fortunate that some information resources are on careers are easily accessible by the public. However, some vital information such as career guidance materials should be assessed very carefully in order to opt for the career that is best suited to your skills.  Careers that are fulfilled or they seem very glamorous as a future occupation should be carefully evaluated.  Therefore, before choosing your future career is always thoughtful to gather as much information is possible before giving your final decision.

There are so many available resources other that the given ones (like career guidance) that you should consider and take ‘advantage’ for a border and thoughtful career research.

Use the people you know
Carefully be advised by your family and friends which can be proved to be some of the best resources as they know your skills very well. Friends and family can put you in contact with particular persons that employed or has experience in your interest field or answer (if able to) some of your questions. These people can prove to give you some vital information about their education (if needed) and training, as well as inform you about their duties in that particular occupation, their personal experiences and problems that they are facing during their work. They can also provide you a list with specific employers that may interest about new members and even get you in touch with them.

Ask employers
Arranging an appointment with an employer on a particular occupation in your interest area, is an excellent opportunity and a primary source of information as he will be able to inform you about key points and procedures that you will need to take. Particular global firms and employers usually arrange friendly meetings with interests groups in order to inform them about their occupations and are very welcoming to answer any questions that are not covered.  Furthermore, employers are posting job applications and job vacancies that are available including additional information like application requirements, training needed, experience required, benefits and wages, career opportunities and paths. Finally visiting employers will help you establish a good idea of what your chosen carer will appeal as well as helps you to create a network of professional contacts which is really important.  

Visit professional societies, trade groups, and labour unions
This targeted groups more that often are able to provide information on specific occupations or even related occupations that are located under your interest area. These particular groups usually have the required knowledge to give you advice and cover areas such as educational background and training requirements.  Attending in such meeting is very good as these groups may be trainers or may have the ability to put you in contact with training members or organisations that are able to provide training within the particular field. 

Arrange appointments with guidance and career counsellors
Qualified career counsellors offer vital advice and help you to take the right choice about your career. Career guidance people can help you to discover what occupations are best for you as they used to perform some tests to observe and determine your interests and strengths, and help you evaluate your options. Furthermore, they are skilled to provide to you assistance on what educational or training institutions are best appropriate for your goals and assist about their entry requirements and ways of finance such institutions.  Counsellors and career advisors in Cyprus can be found in schools, in private institutions or in private counselling agencies.

Use the Internet and Internet available resources
Internet is a very good source of information and contains many available career resources which are easily accessible. Many of the information that can be found online includes lists of job vacancies, advices and expert advices on particular occupations, recommendations of future occupations, information on exiting carers online carer guidance tests and many other vital relevant resources. However, information that are available online must always cross referenced with other resources and be based according to the local that you are interest. An advice is not to get ‘tricked’ about salaries that are given in other countries that you are not interest in working as salaries can differ from country to country.

Use the internet very thoughtful and evaluate your resources before your final decision. Make sure that you are able to identify what information is a personal experience and opinion and what information is a fact.