Making a Great First Impression

When you first meet someone, it only takes few minutes for him to evaluate you. During this short period of time, the other person forms an opinion and comes to some conclusions about you based on your appearance and how you are dressed, your mannerism and behaviour and your body language. Therefore, no matters if you are meeting with someone for your career or social life, it’s vital to know how to behave and create a good first impression.

Always Be on Time
The person you are meeting for the first time is not your friend, someone that you knew or your family member, therefore, is not interested in your good excuse for being late. Therefore, it is up to you to plan your journey to your destination in order to arrive few minutes earlier. Arriving early at your appointments is always better that arriving late and this is one of the fundamental steps issues about creating a first impression. However, if you really can not make it on time for a really good reason it is vital to call, apologise and ask if you can still go to the appointment or you can arrange it for some other day.

Be Yourself
When you first meet with a person especially for a job interview, what you are trying to do to ‘sell’ yourself to the interviewer. Therefore, by feeling uncomfortable during the interview, you make the interviewer feeling some negative vibes and this is definitely what you are aiming to do.  However, when you are calm and confident, the other person will feel the same and therefore you will be able to create a solid foundation on your first impression.

Furthermore, is you are rely stressful as a person we advice you to do some relaxation techniques before your meeting in order to help you calm your adrenaline.

Present Yourself Appropriately
The physical appearance it does matters! Depending on the type of job you are looking for, you must dress accordingly. Make sure that your dressing will be tidy, men should always go shaved and women with long hair it is always better to make them a pony tail and avoid waring short skirts.  Some companies have dress codes that must be followed by all employees; like lawyers and accountants should wear a suit. Therefore if you are applying for this kind of occupations is better to appear at your first interview according to the company’s ‘dress code’. Finally, a pair of classic jeans will do in most of the occasions with a shirt for both men and women.

A Winning Smile!
Smiling can only create good impressions. A warm and positive smile will resolve in a friendly environment for both you and the interviewer. Therefore, smiling is vital for good first impressions.

Be Open and Confident
Body language and appearance speaks louder than words when it comes to the first impression. By using proper body language you can project the desirable confidence that is vital for the first impression. We recommend you to start your meeting with a warm greet handshake, have a good eye contact with the interviewer, smile and on your leaving stand tall.

Everyone gets a nervous in job interviews, and this can result to nervous behaviour or sweaty palms. Make sure that before your interview, you are aware of your nervous habits so you will be able to control them. Nervous laugh, leg shaking, or speech defect will result in a bad first impression as the interviewer will conclude that you are lucking confidence. Therefore, is you are facing such problems do some relaxation techniques before the interview.

Small Talk Goes a Long Way
A good conversation is based on verbal ‘give and take’. You may found it really helpful to prepare some questions for the interviewer before the meeting. Taking few minutes to gain some fundamental information about the interviewer it will help you feel more comfortable at the interview and it will also help you open conversations. 

Be Positive
Make sure that you will project a positive attitude, even in the situations of criticism or in the case of nervous habits.

Always Be Polite and Thoughtful
It is well known that politeness, good manners and courteous behaviour always makes good impressions. Actually anything less than that can totally ruin the only change of getting the job and create a good first impression. Therefore, make sure that you will carefully behave!