Reasons Why You Will Not Get Promoted This Year

The current economic crisis enables many companies to solve their problems. Although many people became unemployed or bankrupt there are also plenty of those using it as an excuse.

As the new year begins, employees start speaking about potential raises and promotions. When your boss informs you that it cannot happen this year, you may tell yourself it is because of the economy ... but, that might not be the case.

Here are some reasons you might not receive a promotion and it's not related to the economic situation.

1. You are untrained ... and inexperienced

Even though your boss or other decision-makers in the promotion process may know you, it doesn't mean that you shouldn’t prove yourself to them. Highlight your skills, knowledge and strengths, and show how it may affect the company's bottom line.  Proof them that you have new ideas and that they will help to realize targets of the company.

2. You're an idler

So what if you always come late to work and you're leaving first? And, like everyone has noticed that you are not available on Mondays and Fridays. And it's not your fault you've missed a few deadlines or refused a few projects. You had many things to do like ... (Add most recent excuse here)

3. You don't go over

No one can say you're an idler. You come and leave on time, and you meet your goals. But that's the problem – you would never make your job better than others. Perhaps this will allow you to keep your job, but it's not enough for a promotion. Come in time, stay late, offer innovative ideas, beat deadlines and do your work exceptionally well.

4. You haven't shown leadership skills

You cannot just follow others and do a good job; you have to lead others and be an example. Take on a project that is not in your job duties; volunteer to lead group; or manage up your department's holiday gift-giving program. All of these things will highlight your name among the mix of people who always step up and increase your chances for a promotion.

5. You think you're entitled

Think you shouldn’t make coffee, staple reports, write bylines or make presentations? Well, this is wrong. Many employees think so and if they could start doing more meaningful work, they would care much more about their jobs. Show your employer you're ready for any work you are asked, and more duties is a much more likely chance.

6. You don't dress accordingly

Do you come to work dressed messily or incorrectly? If so, you shouldn’t wonder that you are not being seen as management material. Take a look at those working in the position that you want to be promoted to and dress similarly. If you look accordingly, it will be easier for decision-makers to see you in that position.

7. You are too good in your position

You know you are the best at your job - and so does your boss. If you are the best employee your boss has ever had, is it any surprise he doesn't want you to go anywhere else? Make sure your boss understand that you want to move up in the company. Help him to find an equally great employee so that you both acquire what you want.

8. You don’t have a positive attitude

If you have a bad attitude it will be problematical for decision makers to support you. Any person who doesn't like you can make it more difficult; especially if those people are in touch with that person who can promote you. Be nice with the right people and your chances of getting that promotion will greatly increase.

9. It is all about you

Your manager wants to know what you can do for him and not the other way around. So, in a discussion about a promotion, don't speak too much about your career and the necessity of taking your career to the next level. It is better to talk about how you are committed to do everything you can and help the company to grow and becoming successful.