10 Salaries

10 Salaries That Will Grow in 2010 Accounting and Finance Sector 1. Tax accountant: Companies look for tax accountants who can manage their organizations achieve bottom-line savings through effective tax management strategies.

Choosing the Career

Advice on Choosing the Career In today’s society every major decision that we need to take involves hours of research some times days; one of these vital decisions is choosing our career. Now in days, we are fortunate that some information resources are on careers are easily accessible by the public.

CV Preparation

Step by Step Guide For a CV Preparation Most companies, organisations, businesses governmental forces etc are requesting for to send them a CV for their job vacancies. This article is a quittance for creating a good CV that will help you take the required job that you are looking for.

First Impression

Making a Great First Impression When you first meet someone, it only takes few minutes for him to evaluate you. During this short period of time, the other person forms an opinion and comes to some conclusions about you based on your appearance and how you are dressed, your mannerism and behaviour and your body language.

Your Promotion

Reasons Why You Will Not Get Promoted This Year The current economic crisis enables many companies to solve their problems. Although many people became unemployed or bankrupt there are also plenty of those using it as an excuse.