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Position Details
Reference No.
900 - € 970
Employment Type
Full Time
Available Positions
Posted On:
Contact Details
Vrachia Beach Hotel & Suites
Contact Person
Stelios Thrasyvoulou
10, Milouthkia street
26940950, 99349685
Job Description

Hotel chambermaid duties usually include complete cleaning operations of all the assigned rooms and other areas within a limited timeframe. They have to supply towels, new linens, toilet items, cleaning and writing supplies, and replace drinking glasses. They sweep, mop, and polish everything in the areas using hotel cleaning tools.

They have to clean the rugs, carpets, curtains, upholstery, and drapery. They make sure that window blinds are free from dust and rearrange the draperies to their normal positions. All of the cleaning operations performed should be in accordance with the hotel procedures, cleanliness, and safety standards.

They have to empty trash bins, clean and replace ashtrays, and dispose all the trash and waste materials from the hotel rooms. They are in-charge of stocking up kitchen, toilet, and refrigerator supplies. They ensure that the service carts are well-stocked for all the assigned rooms and hotel areas.

The job is available from now! 

The monthly salary mentioned is net! 

Required Qualifications

For you to qualify as a hotel chambermaid you must be dependable, responsible, reliable, and must be very dedicated to the work. A hotel chambermaid must know how to listen carefully and follow directions from his/her manager. Hotel chambermaids must be courteous and possess good interpersonal skills so that they can get along with other people especially with the hotel guests. Hotel chambermaids must be well-informed on the use of cleaning tools and equipments.

They must have good cleaning and housekeeping skills. Hotel chamber maids must have a positive disposition and must be very willing to work under dirty conditions. A hotel chambermaid also serves as a customer service representative. When hotel guests need information or services, they often seek help from chambermaids. They become a representative of the hotel in that sense that is why it is very important that hotel chambermaids must be approachable and must have knowledge of basic information about the hotel.

Other Requirements

The candidate must be already in Cyprus!