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Position Details
Reference No.
Store Manager
1200 - € 1400
Employment Type
Full Time
Available Positions
Posted On:
Contact Details
Blackbread LTD
Contact Person
5 Agias Zonis
Job Description

This is the person who manages/runs the coffee shop and is in charge for the day-to-day operational management, promotion of the corporate culture, and creation of the Love.Peace.Coffee atmosphere in the coffee shop.

Based on his/her position, his/her duties and responsibilities are related to several areas.

Human resources tasks:

  • Barista plans, organizes, coordinates and verifies the work of the coffee shop staff;
  • Interviews job seekers;
  • Makes decisions on staff employment or dismissal;
  • Records employee’s hours, bonuses and other financial benefits, in line with the company’s financial motivation and wage policy;
  • Provides staff for each position and sets out the working hours;
  • Meets regularly with the staff and keeps the positive atmosphere in the team.
  • Undertakes measures if the company’s rules, regulations and procedures are not complied with;
  • Controls and, if necessary, engages in training process;
  • Engages in peak hours in guest service processes and helps the staff.

Production tasks:

  • Checks conformity of preparation of the products and the services according to the technological charts;
  • Checks display of dishes in showcases in accordance with standards;
  • Coordinates the quantity and quality of preparation of the semi-finished products;
  • Ensures verification of scales at the Metrology Department in due time;
  • Performs conformity inspections of the HACCP plan;
  • Controls storage of goods in warehouses and refrigerators in accordance with standards;
  • Performs quality inspections of prepared products along the production process and writes down the results in the appropriate form.

Quality and feedback management:

  • Monitors the feedback received online/offline from guests and reacts immediately to all feedbacks during 24 hours.
  • Ensures active promotion of the www.tucanorate.com project in the coffee shop by placing updated stickers and in discussions with guests.
  • Monitors assessments of Mystery Guests and eliminates the mistakes found by the same.
  • When a visit is made by the Expert, the Captain shall provide him/her with a coat, boot covers, a hat and gloves and shall accompany the Export through the inspection or shall authorize a subordinate. Eliminates the mistakes found by Experts.

Financial tasks:

  • Is responsible for providing all reports to the senior officer or other departments;
  • Ensures implementation of the sales plan.
  • Checks proper record keeping of supply and sales;
  • Organizes a fair and efficient supply. Introduces inventory results into the database, verifies and corrects data;
  • Looks into complaints of the Guests and vendors and undertakes the necessary actions;
  • Fills in the daily coffee shop opening and closing checklist.

Sanitary tasks:

  • Ensures that all machines and equipment are properly used, cleaned and disinfected;
  • Organizes regular pest control;
  • Monitors personal hygiene of employees, their safety at work, and conformity to HACCP and ISO 9001 standards.
  • Ensures washing of the building facade with the employees or the company based on order once in the quarter.

Marketing tasks:

  • Organizes marketing activities according to the marketing plan provided by Tucano Global, and fills in the marketing activity report on a monthly basis.
  • Plans and carries out various Love.Peace.Coffee. promotion activities in the coffee shop;
  • Constantly organizes brand-specific events: Be Barista, Tucano Coffee Academy, Rock-Paper-Scissors Game.
  • Informs the staff about new promotions and new products;
  • Analyzes competitors and sends this analysis to Tucano Global on a quarter basis.


  • Competitive salary and bonuses depending on qualification and expertise
  • Legal working contract with all social insurance contributions paid