CyprusJobs FAQ

CyprusJobs acts as a link between candidates and recruiters. Through the website, companies look for workers to fill their vacancies, and candidates apply to job offers by sending their CV.

CyprusJobs is a job board where recruiters publish their ads and candidates apply to them by sending their CVs directly to the companies. CyprusJobs does not intervene at all in the selection process.

The Cyprus Network is a comprehensive advertising medium which enables your business to reach the maximum number of new customers, not only within Cyprus, but also across the globe. Each of the CyprusNet's Vortals relates to an individual Industry or Service, such as CyprusHoliday.com for Cyprus Holiday organisers, CyprusCarRental.com for the Cyprus Car Rental companies, CyprusDevelopers.com for the Property Developer Market etc, thus enabling your online presence in the most constructive way.

Please contact us by phone at 77 77 77 74 or by email. Our Sales team will be more than happy to assist you with all your online marketing and business development needs.

Companies FAQ

We have redesigned our Website, and we have also improved our branding and marketing which allows us to reach to more professionals that are searching for jobs within Cyprus. As a result, we are no longer a free job posting platform and will charge 15€ per job post. We offer discounted prices for larger job post credit purchases and may provide free job post credits subject to certain promotional events. Discounted rate are as follows:
  • 1 job credit purchase = 15€ / per post
  • 6+ job credit purchases = 14€ / per post
  • 11+ job credit purchases = 13€ / per post
  • 21+ job credit purchases = 10€ / per post
  • 51+ job credit purchases = 8€ / per post
  • 101+ job credit purchases = 7€ / per post
For any further inquiries please contact us.

All ads are reviewed by our editorial team in 24 working hours from Monday to Friday.

While CyprusJobs still remains free, any future invoices as a result of policy changes to our pricing will be generated after activating the purchased service. You will receive an invoice upon your payment.

Ads that are "pending" are pending review by our editorial team. Ads in this state do not appear in the website.
Ads that are "rejected" were reviewed and did not meet publication standards. You can modify these ads to return them to the “pending” state to be reviewed once again.
Ads that are "active" are visible on the web and can receive applications from interested Candidates.

All Ads go through a review process before publication. The reasons for rejecting an ad are:
- lack of information on about the position: if the ad does not contain enough information such as the description of the duties of the position, or the experience and requirements asked of the applicants, it may be rejected by our team.
- activities not permitted: the refers to activities or job positions that are not allowed by our terms such as sexual services, distribution of weapons and / or drugs, etc..

If you were already registered as a Company, you can continue to access our services using the same account. You will however be sent a verification email when trying to login again. This verification email needs to be accepted to continue using CyprusJobs services. In the event that you created another company and want to transfer your old jobs to the new company, you can contact us, and we will happily perform the transfer.

If a company has not been accepted by our editorial team it is because it has not meet publication standards. The reasons for rejecting a Company account are:
- The company has been created with incorrect information: if the data introduced in the registration form cannot be confirmed or is non-existent, the account is rejected. the name of your company you introduced is confidential or non-existent.
- The industry or activity of your company is not allowed: there are industries and business activities that are not allowed. Business activities such as pyramid schemes, sexual services, sale of weapons and / or drugs are forbidden. Companies that describe themselves in business activities such as these are not accepted in the portal. It can also happen that the company is rejected because your Ads do not meet publication criteria or are fraudulent.

In CyprusJobs, you are not allowed to post jobs related to multi-level or pyramid scheme businesses. It is also not allowed to publish ads that serve to distribute, advertise or promote specific products or services. These ads will be deleted from the site before they are posted.

There currently exists no feature to delete published ads. If you wish to remove an ad from being published, you may set an early expiry date. Note that one of the administrators will need to approve of the expiry date change before this takes effect.

You can change company information from the Jobs Portal page, where you would normally go to place ads. A section exists called "Company Info" that allows editing of all company information that job seekers will see when landing on your company profile page. If you belong to multiple companies, you can select the company from the drop-down in the top left (clicking the current company's name or logo) and select the company you wish to edit. 

If you no longer wish to use our services you can request the deletion of your Company Profile via our contact form.